Security Threats at Sochi Olympics

In the recent bomb blast which happened near Sochi on Sunday the 29th of December, 13 people were reported to be killed with many others wounded. The bomb blast happened at a railway station in city of Volgograd, part of Southern Russia. This event has increased concern for terrorist activities in Russia days before the scheduled Olympic Games in the Black Sea resort of Sochi.
The National Anti-Terrorist Committee of Russia was reported to have said that this bombing event was a result of suicide bombing at the railway station. This event of violence has raised the risk of security threats at the upcoming Olympic Games in Sochi but the Russian authorities have ensured that they have the highest regard for security and will do all they can to avoid any terrorist activities to disrupt them.Russia has been a target of terrorist attacks in the past with incidents like the theater siege in Moscow in 2002 and the school hostage incident in Beslan in 2004. In 2013, another suicide bombing was carried out near Sochi.
A militant group in Russia issued threats to directly cause disruption of the Olympic Games. However, In spite of recent security threats, the Russian authorities have ensured the entire world that they will not keep the athletes away from the competitions for which they have prepared for several years.
The President of the International Olympic Committee also condemned the terrorist attack in Russian and wrote to the Russian president to express his confidence that Russia would make sure of a safe and secure Olympic Games in Sochi. A similar gesture was shown by the US government who offered full support to the Russian government insecurity preparations for the upcoming Sochi Olympic Games. The US government also welcomed this opportunity to work closely with Russia to ensure safety for athletes, spectators and all other participants.
The recent events in Russia are alarming in spite of assurances by the Russian government. With so much at stake, the Olympic Games are looked upon as a huge source of inspiration for athletes, spectators and for the entire spirit of humanity. Security threats and terrorist attacks cause damage to the ideology of the Games and is something which should be avoided by the authorities at all costs. However, the unity of the entire community of athletes and sportsmen around the world is enough to keep the Olympic Games standard standing high up with the same level of commitment, enthusiasm and skill.