Sochi Olympics Security Measures by Russia

After two suicide bombings in Russia which left over 33 people dead, the Russian government has ensured the entire world community of athletes that it will not let the recent terrorist events cause disruption to the Olympic Games scheduled for February 2014 in Sochi. However, government officials in Russia have informed that no extra security precautions will be adopted as all measures have already been implemented well ahead of the event. The event will be the 22nd winter season of the Olympic Games and will contain 98 set of medals to be won by competing athletes from around the world.
To ensure security and safety to everyone involved at the Sochi Winter Olympic Games, the Russian government plans to introduce a fan passport during the games which will serve as an identification document for the visitors. This will ensure all visitors are identified at the venue and there are no uninvited guests at the venue posing to be a security threat to the games.
Russia will also ensure special troops, drones and speed boats are deployed wherever necessary to monitor areas in and near Sochi during the Olympic Games. This will ensure that any suspicious activity is identified and tracked in advance through aerial surveillance and there are enough boots on the ground to take care of any action required to avoid a security incident. CCTV cameras will be installed at key locations and all visitors will be screened using metal detectors at entry points.
The Russian president Vladimir Putin also ensured high levels of security measures by ordering the National Anti-Terrorism Committee to take tight security measures throughout Russia to boost security in the nation as it builds up towards the Sochi Winter Olympic Games.
The International Olympic Committee has expressed high levels of confidence in the Russian authorities for safely managing the Olympic Games and doing everything to ensure the security of participating athletes. It also ensures support to the Russian authorities by working closely with the organizing committee and law enforcing agencies to guarantee the presence of adequate security methods for preventing any disruption to the much awaited Olympic Games in Sochi.
The government of the United States of America has also offered full support by working together with Russia to share information and help in ensuring security measures for the Winter Olympic Games.
The image and prestige of Russia is heavily dependent on the success of the Olympic Games in Sochi and also goes a long way in ensuring tourism growth in the area.