2018 Olympic Games – the vision and strategy by Korea

by andrey | August 23, 2016 2:00 pm

Apart from the political situation dividing North and South Korea, Korea is united with a common traditional culture which is rich in art and lifestyle patterns. Starting from the historic court music in Korea which roots back to the Joseon Dynasty in 1392, Korea is also famous for its folk music and related music festivals. Recognized in the UNESCO Memory of the World, the Korean folk musicians, drummers and dancers add color to Korea in its unique way.

The vision of Pyeongchang in 2018 for the Olympic Games is to offer new horizons to the Olympic Movement and the entire world of winter sports. It is aimed to be a legacy of development and a new potential which the world has never seen before. The Winter Games is planned to be the most compressed in the history of Olympics and is planned to offer a unique arena where the best athletes of the world will be able to accomplish great performances. With a unique strategic position in Asia and access to a fast growing market, Pyeongchang aims to ensure that the 2018 Olympic Winter Games will uncover new and young generations of potential athletes in the world.

With a well thought vision and strategy focused on culture, environment, peace and economy, Korea won the bid to host the games for the second time, the first being Seoul in 1988. As part of its Olympics Games strategy, Korea intends to construct facilities and systems which are oriented towards the competing athletes as well as the general spirit of the games. Korea intends to do this in order to reduce operational costs while maximizing the benefits to all involved in the Olympic Games. An important part of the vision and strategy is guaranteeing safety for the athletes during the competitive games as well as ensuring all visitors to the events reach there easily through managed traffic. By doing this, the convenience for the spectators will be highly increased and also aid in developing a successful marketing strategy which will leave a long lasting positive impact on the legacy on Olympic Games in Korea.

Having a rich culture which is discussed above, Korea also intends to utilize the high number if international visitors to the events and showcase its scenic beauty and cultural activities to promote tourism. A healthy atmosphere for international as well as national participation is expected. Also, a very important strategy aims towards reconciliation between North and South Korea. This would result in greater levels of cooperation between the two sides and go a long way towards peace and prosperity in the volatile region.



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