63 City- Where Enchantment Comes To Life

63 City- Where Enchantment Comes To Life
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63 City, an iconic area surrounding the famous gold 63 Tower, is full of wonders and amazements blended in a mixture of scenery, displays and sittings avowing sensations and feelings worth enjoying and experiencing. It is a city of adventure, fun, and horror and a complete package for its visitors. It is located in Yeouido alongside the Hangang River giving a view of a simple skyscraper on the outside.
Great attractions can be found inside the skyscraper, which include 63 Wax Museum, 63 Sky Art, 63 Sea World, Fanta-Stick and Walking on the Clouds. It is a fascinating place to observe distinct and bountiful enchantments. It also has many great restaurants to dine in and it offers exotic views of Seoul and Hangang River from the highest observation terrace in the world.

63 City Wax Museum
The Museum opened for visitors in 2008, and quickly became the most liked and famous sites for those visiting 63 City. It is where the biggest names and the brightest minds are focused and confined in wax figures. These wax figures bring history back to life in the form of still figures. These may include the likes of Picasso, Van Gogh, Beethoven, a recreation of The Last Supper, and many more. There are a total of 70 wax figures with whom the visitors can take pictures. The visitors are also provided with costumes to fit in the pictures and role play. The wax figures are sculpted by a famous Japanese artist and about 1.5 times larger than actual size so they would appear life like in photographs.

Chamber of Horror
To enter the chamber, one has to pass the age restriction of being 12 years or older. It offers a horrifying experience of flesh eating monsters and werewolves jumping out of nowhere catching you off guard.

Mega 5D Theatre
The 5D theatre offers a highly stimulating and amazing experience to the visitors who are seated in the centre and are opened to a full 360 degree view of a 3D film or presentation. It is where all your five senses becomes highly active observing themes of horror, fantasy, and dinosaurs. It opens the doors to a virtual world with amazing graphics.

Hand Wax
Visitors at the Hand Wax museum can enjoy a skillful experience that takes 5 to 10 minutes, where they make wax moulds of their hands and can paint them when they cool off. This hand wax is a great souvenir and costs only a small fee for such a great experience.