A Rising Star—-Son Yeon-jae

A Rising Star—-Son Yeon-jae
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A Rising Star—-Son Yeon-jae
Son Yeon-jae is a Korean artistic gymnastics athlete. Born in 1994, she is quite young but attractive, which is how she earned the title “artistic gymnastics beauty”. At the Asian Games in Guangzhou, Son won a bronze medal in the individual artistic gymnastics all-round competition, and was regarded as young Kim Yuna in the artistic gymnastics field. On September 30th,2013, Son Yeon-jae took part in the commissioning ceremony of the image ambassador of the 2014 Asian Games in Inchon, and was appointed as the image ambassador of 2014 Asian Games.

Son is a senior school student now, and she really has a talent for artistic gymnastics. When she participated in the qualification trials for Korean national artistic gymnastics team, she was just a naïve student wearing school uniforms and strange make-up. But one lasting impression she left on people’s mind is her great expression. Besides, her flexibility is really good.

Now, Son Yeon-jae has signed a contract with IB Sports (which is owned by the queen of figure skating—-Kim Yuna), and is becoming a rising star. Thought she receives a lot of attention because of her beauty, she is not a girl who only has looks, but one who works hard while training and is regarded as the future of Korean artistic gymnastics. Moreover, she has a great talent for languages. Korean is her native language, but she is also fluent in Japanese and English, and is now trying to learn Russian.

As a contender of important artistic gymnastics competitions, Son is known by many East Europeans. The Ukrainian competitor Ganna Rizatdinova who ranks first in the artistic gymnastics field and the Byelorussian competitor Melitina Staniouta said after the LG Whisen Rhythmic All Star 2013 Show, “Son Yeon-jae is a powerful competitor of ours, look at the scores she gets and the prizes she wins, we always keep our eyes on her”. Rizatdinova and Staniouta are both winners of the FIG competition, and they said Son is a talented person in the Korean artistic gymnastics field, and she is the first one who has won so many awards in this field in Korea. Rizatdinova thinks highly of Son: “There are many good gymnastics schools in Ukraine, but in Korea, gymnastics is not that popular and people emphasis less on it. So it’s unbelievable that Son Yeon-jae can achieve these achievements under this circumstance, she is a flower blooming in the desert.” And Staniouta said, “compared with taking the Russian style in completely, Son stresses an importance on showing the Asian style, I think that’s why her performance is always impressive.”