A visit to Pyeonchang

A visit to Pyeonchang
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As a person living in Pyeonchang, South Korea, there are activities to keep one occupied. One such fun activity is Ocean 700, an indoor water park with technologically-advanced constructions on two levels. There is also an area outside, with a slide that drives water out into a pool where there are edges to enclose the water and kids can play. There is a wave pool as well, where waves lift from a wall, and water comes gushing at you as you ride a wave. Around the pool are cabanas and rocks. The park theme is tropical and palm trees surround bridges and small slides.
Then there is Odaesan National Park, with cliffs that do not seem real, and traversing trails that make you have to stop because they are so steep. The views are amazing, but you need to find the right area to take a break in order to take in the land and air pressure.
Sangwonsa Temple is another place to visit. The building has Japanese design influence, with a black shingle roof. Inside, visitors will find statues. The temple sits on a hill and may have been built by the 31st king of the Silla Dynasty. It was rebuilt in 705, and then restored in 1947 due to a fire. Only a bell in the pavilion remained during this period. The Sangwonsa Temple holds a story that visitors can learn about.
These places provide fun and interesting activities for those who want to explore the area of Pyeonchang.


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