A Visit to Pyeongchang

A Visit to Pyeongchang
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For someone living in or visiting Pyeongchang, South Korea, there are plenty of activities to occupy themselves with. One such fun activity is Ocean 700, an indoor water park with technologically-advanced slides and pools, spanning two floors. It is also partially outside, with a slide that drives water out into a pool that is both kid and adult-friendly. There is a large wave pool as well, which is one of the more popular attractions. Around the pool are cabanas and rocks and palm trees, which help create the park’s tropical theme.

There is Odaesan National Park, with unreal cliffs, beautiful trees, and trails that make you stop because of their steepness. The views are amazing, but you need to find the right areas to climb up.

There is the Sangwonsa Temple, an old Japanese-style temple. The roof is black shingles, and inside are various idols and statues. It sits on a hill and was most recently rebuilt in the year 705, though it was partially restored in 1947 due to a fire. The temple has a famous bell in its central pavilion, which was used in earlier years to call together all the workers and people living in the temple.