Beaches in South Korea

Beaches in South Korea
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Geographically, South Korea is situated in such a manner that three of its sides are surrounded by ocean. Over time, this helped develop the country’s extensive seafood cuisine and culture, and creates the remarkable natural beauty of beaches found there. South Korea’s beaches are a must-see for any tourist. The best time to visit the beaches is during mid-summer when the temperatures rise, making it comfortable to enjoy the cool water. Summer also brings with it many different festivals and activities that attract many people to the coasts.

There are three sea coastlines all across the land of Korea: the East Sea, West Sea and South Sea. Those coastlines contain many beaches, each one slightly different from the others.

East Sea

It is a leveled, straight coastline with pure white sands and clear waters. They are visited mostly by tourists to rest, relax and enjoy the summer heat. They offer a very warm and welcoming sunrise view of which they are quite famous of. The sunrise is the defining moment of its beauty and is celebrated in most of its beaches with a sunrise festival also known as Haemaji, which is observed on New Year’s day, though the wonderful sunset can be experienced any day of the year. The most famous East Sea beaches are Sokcho Beach and Gyeongpodae Beach.

West Sea

West Sea is known for its convenient location near the capital of Seoul, and getting there from Seoul is quite easy by taxi or train. On weekends, the beaches of the West Sea are filled with city-dwellers relaxing for the day. It is is also known for its magnificent marine life, and that is why fishing is quite popular in that area. Beautiful sunsets are a beautiful sight on this side of South Korea, which are made even more beautiful by the dunes and hills that the beaches are frequently found near.

South Sea

South Sea is home to exotic islands, each having their own rare beauty in its own exciting atmosphere. It is where one will find endangered wildlife, migratory birds in some seasons, hills, mountains, waterfalls and much more. The beaches are the best getaway sites, with thrilling activities like deep sea diving, bungee jumping, cliff diving, and more. The water is a different shade of blue in different beaches. The South Sea is also where Jeju Island, one of the top tourists destinations, is located. Jeju Island is one of the most beautiful and wondrous places in all of South Korea.