Beer and Fried Chicken

Beer and Fried Chicken
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Beer and Fried Chicken

When people think about fish and chips, Britain will come into their minds spontaneously. Just like that, beer and fried chicken has become a new symbol of Korea now. This is due to a popular Korean drama which is called Man From The Stars. The storyline of this drama is based on aliens and love. The main character, Du Minjun, came from another planet and he came to the earth by chance. For over 400 years, he lived in Korea alone and kept a young and good-looking face. Three months before his return date to his own planet, he met a Korean star, Qian Songyi, and had a wonderful experience with her.
The hostess of this drama mentioned beer and fried chicken was the best combination on a snowing day in the drama, and every one addicted to the hostess change into a beer and fried chicken fan suddenly.

Drama aside, beer and fried chicken is not a new food combination. In Seoul, beer and fried chicken is the most common cheap food on the street. There are various kinds of fried chicken and each flavor wins its own followers. Usually, Korean people eat fried chicken with soybean sauce, Deonjiang, and thick chili sauce. Beside the appearance in the Korean drama, beer and fried chicken has been regarded as a business opportunity and there are even tickets for baseball games that include the cost of beer and fried chicken, providing people with a new enjoyment. And the tourist administration in Taegu claimed that they were going to launch a new travel product which contained a visit to the film locations of Man From The Stars and a taste of original fried chicken to follow the trend.

Beer and fried chicken is not the only food benefiting from Korean dramas. Relying on an attractive story and eye-pleasing main characters, Korean food is easily accepted by the audience. Kim chi, bibimbap, Korean barbecue, cold noodles, Cha Jang Myun, and rice cakes are all the names brought to audience’s minds by Korean dramas and naturally thought about when it comes to Korea. And now, with more and more dramas shot in the urban environment, cafés, dessert shops, and western restaurants have drawn people’s attention. Some merchants admit that they watch Korean dramas now and then, although they are somewhat boring and stereotypical, just so they can tell what the next food trend will be.

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