Chang Hye-jin wins third archery gold for South Korea

by andrey | August 12, 2016 3:36 pm

South Korea’s Chang Hye-jin secured the third archery gold medal out of the possible four, this Thursday in the women’s individual archery competition at the Rio de Janeiro 2016 Olympic Games.

South Korea already conquered both male and female Olympic team gold and two of their three archers are qualified to compete in the men’s singles round of 16 which will the finals on Friday.

Chang Hye-jin defeated Germany’s Lisa Unruh 6-2, who took silver after winning bronze at the European Championships and gold at the World Championships.

The South Korean archer, who had already claimed team gold medal with Ki Bo-bae and Choi Misun, took the first set 27-26, slipped in the second 26-28 but she recovered in the third and fourth sets 27-26 and 29-27 to win the top spot.

Hye-jin paved her way to gold in the semifinals by beating her compatriot Ki Bo-bae, crowned individual champion at London 2012, 7-3.

Hye-Jin, 29, earned her first individual Olympic medal after helping her team win gold at the Archery World Cup events in Medellin and Antalya.



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