Crispy and Sweet Fried Chicken (Dakgangjeong)

Crispy and Sweet Fried Chicken (Dakgangjeong)
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40 pieces of chicken wings
starch powder
ground pepper
vegetable oil
soy sauce
brown sugar
corn syrup (mulyeot)
sesame seeds
dried and crushed red hot chili pepper


Prepare 40 chicken wings or chunks of chicken, rinse them off in cold water and drain them.
Transfer the chicken into a big bowl.
Add 2 ts of salt, 1 ts of ground pepper, 2 eggs, and the mixture of ½ cup of flour and ½ cup of starch powder. Mix it by hand.
Deep fry the chicken wings in vegetable oil 2 times at about 350-380 degrees (F).


Prepare a big wok or pan.
Place 1 cup of water in the wok and heat it up.
Slice 1 cup of ginger thinly after peeling the skin off and washing, and add it into the boiling water.
Add 2 tbs of soy sauce, 1 cup of brown sugar, ¼ cup of vinegar and boil it over medium heat.
5 minutes after, add 1 cup of corn syrup and keep boiling over low medium heat about 30 minutes.
Raise a spoon of the sizzling sauce above the wok in the air and drop it until the sauce begins stopping halfway.

Mix it up:

Reheat the sauce.
Add the deep fried chicken, 1 cup of peanuts (or any kind of nuts), 1/2 tbs dried red hot chili pepper, and ½ cup of toasted sesame seeds into the sizzling sauce and mix it with a spatula.

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