East Sea Beaches

East Sea Beaches
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East Sea Beaches

The coastline of the East Sea has many beaches with remarkable beauty, and so are sources of great tourist attraction. The best part of these beaches is the breathtaking sunrise and sunset views. The beach complex also offers a greeting to the rising sun with many festivals and water activities. The best time to visit them is in the mid summer where one can enjoy a cool swim under a shining sun.

Sokcho Beach

Sokcho Beach bears the background of pine groves and has clear water with ground visibility. It has white sand and is known as one of the best sites for tourists. Many facilities and activities like lodging, car parking, and campsites are available. Fishing is a source to raw fish for local people or fish companies and factories. One of the best things about this beach is that is it quite close from Seoul Express bus terminal, so it is very convenient to visit even just for a day trip.

Gyeongpodae Beach

This beach enjoys its status of being the largest beach on the East coast with perfect clear water and fine white sand. One of the most preferred attributes of beach lovers and tourists is that the sand quality must be the best, and they find that here. So most people come here to walk barefoot, lie down on the sand and get a tan and to get a cool splash under the hotness of the sun. This beach also offers a breathtaking sunrise and moonrise which adds a quality of romance.

Gyeongpodae Beach not only offers these beautiful natural things as a reason to visit; there are also banana boat rides, jet skiing, and water skiing, giving advance to recreational sports activities. The Gyeongpo tourism carriage can give you a tour of the Gyeongpodae Beach, and festivals are also held to bring even more entertainment to this beautiful site. These include the end of July Festival, Summer Beach Art Festival and Ocean Art Festival, all of which attract great attention.

These are just two wonderful beaches on the East Sea coast out of many more. The people who admire beauty and maintain it are the ones who are bestowed by it, as are the South Koreans who enjoy their native land.


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