Enoki and Watercress soup

Enoki and Watercress soup
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5 cups Korean Anchovy stock

3 ounces watercress

4 ounces fresh Enoki mushrooms

5 cloves garlic


2 small green onions

2 medium eggs



Trim root and any discolored leaves from the green onions, then chop.

Separate egg yolks from whites, then whip each.

Heat a fry pan over medium low heat, add a small amount of neutral flavored cooking oil.

Pour the beaten yolks into the fry pan and spread into a thin sheet, cooking until the top is just set and the bottom is lightly browned.

Turn and cook until lightly browned.

Repeat with beaten egg whites.

Cut the cooled egg sheets into narrow strips.


Wash and cut the lower portion of Enoki mushrooms and discard.

Trim any discolored parts from the watercress, then rough chop.

Trim the hard top portion from the garlic, then thin slice from top to bottom.

Bring the Anchovy stock to a slow simmer over low heat, add watercress, garlic, and Enoki mushrooms, then simmer for 4 to 6 minutes, until watercress is dark green.

Serve at once, garnished with chopped green onion and egg strips.