Environmental Friendly Olympic Games

Environmental Friendly Olympic Games
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The glimmering lights, the dances, the cheering of the crazy fans and the showcasing of extraordinary set of skills is not the only side of the Olympics. Behind all this glamour and professionalism is the actual hard work, sweat, late hours and labor of the host city. The 2018 Winter Olympics are being hosted by Pyeongchang, South Korea, after winning the voting system. They are catering huge investments in developmental projects for the construction of high speed trains, bridges, stadiums, halls, ice rinks, hotels and sports grounds.

Pyeongchang had laid down great emphasis on bringing about this development with keeping the sustainability and health of the environment in mind. An environmental sustainability workshop had been created, responsible for aiding in hosting a truly green games. The specified venues are where strong maintenance measures would be taken. The meeting was unanimously supported and taken part in by university professors, environmental officers, officials from different NGOs and environmental organizations, government officials, and many others.

The Director General of the Evaluation of the Preparations team for the 2018 Winter Olympics Games, Mr. Byung-Nam Lee, had acknowledged the measures taken for the environmental sustainability. The team of environmental experts, engineers, managers and scientists are introducing ways in the specified venues to reduce carbon emissions. They are also promoting renewable energy sources and alternative means of getting and using electricity, maintaining a healthy environment. The climate and weather such as lightning and rain are kept in mind in accordance to which the measures will be conducted.

The efforts of the 2018 Olympics Games committee shows tremendous work with complete dedication in order to impose restore and maintain environmental sustainability to international standards and hence make the Winter Olympic Games a success.