Fishing and Boating in South Korea

Fishing and Boating in South Korea
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Fishing is a rising popular sport in South Korea. Fishing tackle is available for different fish species, and due to fishing’s rising status, many tackle stores have been opened up in various areas all across the country, sparking a multi-million dollar business. The coastal towns usually sell more for ocean fishing, while inland stores carry a lot of carp bait and tackle, as it is a popular fish to catch. Online buying of these baits and fishing accessories is also possible, at minimal shipping charges. Among them is Sure Catch which has fishing rods, reels and tackle, as well as Lure Man and Fishing Group, which are other online sellers.

To increase the awareness about fishing as a profession and a sport, the media plays a responsible role in educating people. Two Korean fishing channels, FTV and FSTV, are gaining a lot of attention for their 24-hour programs. They tell you everything from the best fishing locations, seasonal patterns, important tips, while educating viewers about sustainable fishing practices and preservation.

Fishing is greatly linked with boating, which is strictly regulated. Todrive a boat one, one is supposed to have a boat operator’s license, unless the boat has a motor under 4-hp. There are three classes of licenses: Class 1, Class 2, and Yacht Class. For foreigners and tourists, a license test is still required, which consists of a written test and a practical test, taken in both the Korean and English languages. Natives only need to take the test in Korean. The tests and classes required to receive a boating license can cost uip to 750,000 Korean won, or about $660 USD.