Fishing in South Korea

Fishing in South Korea
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South Korea is surrounded by water and has many water resources such as lakes, seas, beaches, ponds and rivers, so its most famous cuisine is actually based on seafood, including fish, prawns, shrimps and octopuses. This makes fishing a popular activity, and today, fishing in Korea is a popular sport as well as a means of feeding one’s family.

The government or fishing board does not require any legal permit for both sea and inland water fishing. Fishing in South Korea’s waters is done nearly everywhere without any charges (though fishing in some places requires you to buy a day ticket for a low price.) It is advisable for the ticket buyer to always ask for the identification first and the receipt as well. If the fishing is done in privately owned fisheries, a daily fee would be charged which is quite low, and more fishes can be caught there, as they are all stocked.

There is no restriction on the number of fish caught or kept. Also, no limits are imposed on the number of rods used at a time by a single man to catch fish. However, it is most advisable to be considerate and caring towards nature as overfishing is quite dangerous, so future generations should be kept in mind. Fishing in South Korea is divided into three main categories which are mentioned below.

Sea Fishing

It takes place in Korean coastal waters, where a wide range of fishes can be caught at different times of year. It is quite a popular type of fishing with the possibility of catching amberjack, tuna, flat fish, mackerel, sea bass and even octopus and squid. To catch these, live worms and shrimps (krill) are the best source, although artificial feed could also help to lure the fishes.

Coarse Fishing

It takes place in lakes, ponds, rivers and other inland water sources. The main types of fishes caught are crucian carp, mirror and common carp, freshwater eels and some species of catfish. To prey on these a powder and water mixed paste is the best technique to lure them onto the hook, but earthworms and shrimps also work.

Game Fishing

It is gaining quite a lot of popularity amongst the locals as well as tourists and thus making fishing a popular Korean pastime. Black or largemouth bass, snakeheads and bluegill are the best catches there. The fishing is mostly done in inland waters with the luring of fishes done by artificial feeds and flies.

Professional League Tournaments and Bass Fishing Leagues are held as a famous sport competition gaining excessive fame. Also organizations such as local fishing clubs, the Korea Sport Fishing Association and the Korea Bass fishing Association give exposure, knowledge and a platform to learn and practice fishing.