Hiking and Walking in South Korea

Hiking and Walking in South Korea
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South Korea is a place filled with mountains, hills, valleys, and a beautiful countryside worth exploring. The best way to explore it is through hiking and walking, the former of which is a national South Korean pastime. Usually the walks are started from temples located at the base of the mountains, and go on trails leading up the mountain.

The national parks in South Korea are filled with immaculate beauty. As walking and hiking is such a widespread leisure and sport activity, these parks have trails set up, guided by signs. All parks are gifted unique geographical and land features, of which some have deep valleys, mountains, cliffs and waterfalls. In the summers, there are camping areas available in some parks, often with little huts in the woods that can be rented out. This is especially popular in the Seoraksan and Jirisan National Parks. The Korean National Park Service is responsible for the maintenance of wildlife and their habitats, and they patrol the lands to make sure everyone is following the law.

Of the twenty national parks in Korea, fifteen are partially mountainous. Songnisan National Park is quite famous and is greatly preferred for hiking. The Beopjusa Temple, well-known for its large golden statue, is an awesome place for strolling. Seoraksan National Park is located in the northeast of Korea, and many endangered and protected species are found in this park It offers everything from Buddhist temples to stone forts, from vast forests to waterfalls, and is a must-see if traveling to South Korea.