Ice Queen- Kim Yuna of Korea

Ice Queen- Kim Yuna of Korea
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Kumin Niutongsaing of Korea—Kim Yuna

Kim Yuna was born in Tomikawa, Korea, and she moved to Gunpo with her family when she was 6 years old. At the age of 7, Kim Yuna went skating with her sister for the first time, and she soon fell in love with being on the ice. She began skating lessons, and her trainer recognized Kim’s talent and suggested to her mother that Kim should continue to skate. Kim’s mother made a difficult decision to make Kim’s sister give up skating in order to support Kim, since their family was poor and could only afford for one of them to continue skating. Fortunately, Kim did not let her family down, as she won many awards and by the age of 12 was the top skating champion in her country.

At the age of 14, Kim Yuna was chosen to the national team and became the youngest member of the national team. Since then, she started to train hard at the skating rinks. She never missed podium wins, and with every breakthrough and win she made, would rewrite the history of Korean figure skating. In a society where only the champion can be known and remembered by everyone, Kim is absolutely the best figure skater in Korea, even in the whole world. She is the pride of Korea.

On July 6th, 2011, the 2018 Winter Olympic Games host city was announced, and Pyeongchang was elected to be the one. As the image ambassador of Pyeongchang Winter Olympic Games, Kim Yuna cried with joy. A dozen years earlier, when Pyeongchang bid for the Winter Olympic Games for the first time, she was a little girl who just started learning how to skate and dreamed about standing at the Olympics, and now her dream had a possibility of coming true in her own country. In the past, Korean athletes had to receive their training in different countries of the world in order to realize their Olympic dreams, and she hoped to share her own Olympic dreams with everyone in Pyeongchang.

Beside the excellent performance on the skating rinks, Kim Yuna is also known for her kindness. She has been devoted to helping charities and has donated more than 1 billion Korean Won to charities secretly.She is graceful and confident, showing the world the best appearance of Korean athletes’. Kim’s mother is also unwilling to lag behind her daughter, and continues to write books to encourage those chasing after their dreams. Their enthusiasm to benefit the public wins them a high reputation from the mass media in Korea and Kim’s fans.