IOC – International Olympics Committee

IOC – International Olympics Committee
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You must be wondering who is responsible for organizing the most wanted and loved sport festival, the Olympics. Indeed, managing a 16-day event and facilitating the participants from 200 nations is a daunting task. Behind the huge event is the International Olympics Committe (IOC), which takes care of everything, from start to finish. In fact, it is always at work, even between Olympics. Hats off to such a brilliant committee; they are always busy in scheduling events, games, marketing, promoting and much more. You shall be seeing their commendable efforts in the winter games coming to you in 2018 in South Korea. Every time, the IOC makes it happen successfully, and something even better will be coming in 2018.

The IOC is a non-government and non-profit organization. Its headquarters are in Lausanne, Switzerland, and was started in 1894. Over the time, the committee has evolved dramatically and has over a hundred active memberships today. Along with these, there is an honorary member and thirty three honorary members.

The mission of the committee is to spread the word related to current and upcoming Olympic events. The buzz that is all around you before the Olympics take place – that is what the IOC is responsible for. They lead all the Olympic movements and make sure it resonates in the minds of the people throughout the world. A lot is done for the Olympics marketing: giant sponsorships, merchandise rights, and licensing. They are also active promoters of this biggest ever sports festival held every 2 years.

The IOC’s roles include:

· Developing coordination and support among the sports competitions

· Making sure the Olympic Games are properly celebrated after equal intervals

· Maintaining ethics and regulations

· Preventing discrimination

· Providing health codes

· Developing and promoting the various sports

· Spreading Olympic education

· Promoting the legacy of the Games to all the parts of the world

The IOC is now already working towards making the 2018 Winter Olympics a better experience for all. All the processes related to the event are transparent and the decision is made on the basis what country can host the event by using its resources. Therefore, everyone is enthusiastic and is now ready to lead PyeongChang, South Korea, to fulfill the desire of creating a wonderful event.