Nightlife in South Korea

Nightlife in South Korea
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The Night Comes to Life: Dongdaemun Night Market

The exit to the Dongdaemun station opens the doors to the colorful and bustling street at night. As the night grows young, it will take you on a journey of fun experiences and a surprisingly vibrant nightlife.

The Thundering Friday Nights at Migliore

From 8 pm and onwards, air is filled with loud music as the streets become more crowded every minute. The streets are lightened with glistening neon signs, following a series of exciting events, concerts and exhibitions. These take place on the streets, outdoor stages and huge fashion malls like Migliore, Hello apM and many more. The fashion streets are popular attraction for young people, and are located near the malls.

The Walk along the Cheonggyecheon

Cheonggyecheon is a stream connected to Han River, along which most of the visitors start the night with a walk.. It is 3.7 km long, running straight through downtown Seoul. It is illuminated at different places with colorful lights, creating a magical view of the stream worth enjoying.

Giving Fashion a Statement

Dongdaemun puts light to the newest and fanciest fashion for its visitors. People who are in search for something new to wear or carry will be amazed to find the latest fashion trends and the most edgy thing in the market available at stores like Doota, Good Morning City and others. The clothes here are cheaper than most of those found in department stores. It is a hub for a 24-hour shopping, along with many great restaurants, souvenir shops, and a cinema.

The Open Market Shadowed by Yellow Tents

The streets of the yellow tents come to life at night, when its uniqueness and grandeur are finally revealed. The visitors, if tired of the same old brands, go to the open market. Through the opening of the malls, their commercial value had declined a little. The open market is a place where one can find shoes, leather, bags, jewelry and many more items at discounted rates.

Rising Wholesale Business at the Wholesale Clothing Town

The night grows even busier after midnight when the streets are packed with international tourists for sightseeing. The major hustling is caused by the shoppers who are seen standing outside wholesale shops like Nuzzon and Yours with huge bags waiting to make their sales. The Wholesale Clothing Town is like a huge storage where nearly every material and type of clothing made in Korea is available.

Are you hungry after all the Sightseeing and Shopping?

Late night snacks rule the streets of Dongdaemun, and are popular with hungry visitors. Street stalls are found selling a variety of delicious bites,  like dumplings, fish cakes, hamburgers and many more. Both Korean cuisines and fast food are found here, filling the air with savory aroma.

The Night Market of Seoul is a rare and exquisite experience to go through, filled with fun and colors.



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