Olympic Rings

by andrey | August 11, 2017 1:21 pm

The five Olympic rings are the symbol of the international Olympic Games, and there is quite a bit history behind them being the main symbol of the Games. An image of five rings mingled with each other, similar to today’s design, had been found by the archeologists in Ancient Greece, close to where the first Olympics had been organized. In 1920, one of the pioneers of the Olympic Games decided to make the five mingled rings as the official symbol of the Games, and today it is one of the most widely recognized images in the world. The five Olympic rings also stand for the five continents of the world: Asia, the Americas, Europe, Africa and Oceania. The five rings show that all the continents of the world are connected and stand beside each other. The international organizing committee of the Olympics, and many others, know that the purpose of the Games is not just competition, but also to bring the world together and put all differences aside and to share cultures and ideas in the name of sports.

The Olympic Games are very beneficial from the point of view of business. Like the five rings joined together, the Games bring together people from all over the world and gather them in the host city, which brings millions of dollars in tourism revenue and ticket sales. The Olympics almost always give a huge boost to the economies of the places where they are held. Finally, the main meaning of the five intermingled rings is to create a sense of community in the Olympics. Political parties, religions, race, and gender are all put aside, and the entire world comes together as one. It truly is a beautiful thing, and hopefully the Olympic rings and their deeper meaning can make sure that the Games stay the way they are for centuries to come.



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