Olympic Torch Relay

Olympic Torch Relay
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The Olympic torch relay is one of the most important events related to the Olympics. This relay gets completed before the commencing of the Olympic Games and sports activities. It is an ancient tradition of the Games, and at the time of ancient Greece was combined with fashion to make it more interesting. So for the purpose of keeping the ancient tradition alive, the Olympic Games are today always started with the lighting of a very huge torch, which usually is lit by a famous role-model athlete. Then this lighted torch goes throughout the world, where each country’s best athlete gets the chance to hold it. This shows that the torch has passed through a certain country and then the torch is handed over to the best athletes of some other country, uniting them all in the subject of sports. In this way, the torch completes its traveling throughout the world and lastly it reaches to that country where the Olympics have to be held. At the end of each Olympics, this torch is brought back to Greece, to the same place from where the Olympics had first started.

This is among the most awaited moments of the Olympic Games, when before starting the Games, an athlete lights up the huge torch at the main Olympic stadium. After this relay, the Olympic Games starts and athletes from all over the world put as much effort as they can for the purpose of winning medals for their nations. The Olympic torch relay has in it some very important messages for the whole world. First, when the torch passes through every country it gives a message that all nations are equal and there is no difference between human beings on the basis of color, cast, creed, gender, region or ethnic origin. The passing of Olympic torch gives the second message that any person of any country can participate in the Olympic games and can strive for the purpose of making his/her country proud. The third and probably the most important message that the Olympic torch relay conveys is that people belonging to different countries should work side by side for the purpose of bringing harmony, peace and prosperity in the whole world.