Olympics among the topics on the agenda for the for Gangwon Governer

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Major projects for the 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympics, including the construction of six stadiums as well as other infrastructure, will begin by March 2014 for completion in October 2016, Gangwon Province Gov. Choi Moon-Soon said.

In an interview with Korea IT Times, Gov. Choi said, “A total of 699.3 billion won, including 524.5 billion won from the state budget, will be poured into the preparation projects for the PyeongChang Olympics over the coming four years.”

Noting that a total of 13 stadiums are necessary to host the Olympics, Choi said, “We will use five existing stadiums and supplement two stadiums, while building six new stadiums. These new stadiums will include two snow sports venues and four ice stadiums.”

“Along with this, we will make a strong push for the construction of nine new roads to expand the network accessible to PyeongChang Alpensia Resort with a total cost of 355.2 billion won. We plan to complete the design by the latter half of 2013 and start the construction work in April 2014 for completion in December 2016.” he said.

“In particular, the expansion project of the access network will be propelled to improve road conditions and increase the local residents’ income even after the hosting of the Winter Olympics is over as a way of sustaining regional development.” Choi stressed.

To secure enough drinking water in preparation for the 2018 PyeongChang Olympics, the province also projects to spend a total of 60 billion won to supply 19,000 tons of water a day.

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