PyeongChang committee learns from Rio Olympics

PyeongChang committee learns from Rio Olympics
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By Park Jae-hyuk

The PyeongChang Organizing Committee for the 2018 Olympic and Paralympic Games (POCOG) members said on Wednesday that they are acquiring Olympic knowhow and insights from the 2016 Rio Organizing Committee and will apply them to the PyeongChang Winter Games.

POCOG members at the Rio Games will attend the International Olympic Committee’s (IOC) Observer Program, which includes the essence of the Olympic Games’ knowledge management and the transfer process.

The Rio Organizing Committee and IOC will guide POCOG members and provide a special chance to live, learn and experience real operations of the Olympics.

Through the 76 programs, the POCOG members will study airport operations, the look of the Games, accreditation, medical services, venue management, venue energy, ticketing and transportation in order to offer top-notch operations and services at the 2018 Winter Games.

“After closely observing the Rio Games, I now know what to do for PyeongChang 2018,” said Seo Min-jung, head of the POCOG Doping Control Team. “I can expect what needs to be done to give athletes absolute confidence in the doping control system and uphold the integrity of the Olympics and Paralympics Games.”

The POCOG spokesperson Sung Baik-you said, “Thanks to the invaluable IOC Observer Program, POCOG staffers are here to watch and learn, and every moment and experience from airport arrival to competition venue visit will be a learning experience for PyeongChang 2018.”

POCOG also plans to hold an independent review meeting about the Rio Games to maximize the success of PyeongChang 2018.

After the closing ceremony of the Rio Games on Aug. 22, POCOG will open mobile promotion booths, touring to other sites around South America, such as Argentina and Chile.

A promotion center of the PyeongChang Games has been operating at Rio’s popular Copacabana beach since Aug. 7, attracting 84,000 visitors who get a chance to enjoy various Korean foods and cultural events there.

“I think you have managed to present a miracle because you are bringing the snow and ice from PyeongChang to the sun and sand of the Copacabana,” said IOC President Thomas Bach, visiting the venue on Aug. 9. “The displays you have here provide a unique experience for visitors and show your success in innovating for the Winter Games.”

The 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympics will begin on Feb. 9, 2018, with over 3,000 athletes from 95 countries competing. It will be the first Winter Olympics to be held in Asia in 20 years.

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