Pyeongchang: the host city of the 2018 Winter Olympics

Pyeongchang: the host city of the 2018 Winter Olympics
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Pyeongchang is a culturally symbolic city that is marked as the host of the 2018 Olympics. It is located in the Taebaek mountains region in South Korea, near the Sea of Japan. A city rich in culture and heritage, it is a mesmerizing and unforgettable experience for those who visit.

Pyeongchang reflects both traditional and modernized society, and has the influence of Asia as well as Europe, making it a multi-cultural city. Pyeongchang is famous for outdoor activities like hiking, ice fishing, snow rafting, skiing, and skating. It is characterized by a cold winter and a humid summer. Its natural beauty awes visitors, making its resorts an excellent place for romantic holidays for couples. The Korean people have a very kind nature and are warmly welcome their visitors, making it quite comfortable for travelers.

Pyeongchang, and South Korea in general, is known for food. Some of the most famous are the Memil Makguksu (a noodle dish), Hwangtae Gui (grilled pollock), Jjambbong (Asian spicy noodle soup). All can be found in different streets in Korea. Seafood is featured quite prominently in Korean cuisine as well. The main ingredients used in almost all foods are soy sauce, spices, salt, pepper, oil, vegetables. Most Korean food is very spicy, and usually has visitors drinking several cups of water with their meals.

Most Koreans hold to their cultural heritage and speak their native language everywhere, so it could be quite helpful for a tourist to bring along a pocket dictionary wherever they go. Koreans have not forgotten their language and have not allowed media and western culture to influence their heritage. The celebration of folk games, cultural festivals, and seasonal occasions are awaited and passionately participated in. February, the start of spring season and the end of winter season, is most preferable for visitors, as it is full of different events and festivals.

Pyeongchang is ultimately the best choice for hosting the 2018 Olympic Games, as it will set up an amazing experience for everyone to enjoy with its warm and delightful people to its rich culture.

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