Rock Climbing in South Korea

Rock Climbing in South Korea
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Rock climbing is a sport that gives a high adrenaline rush, and is certainly considered extreme. It is one of the more dangerous sports, and can be quite physically demanding. To climb, it is necessary that a person be trained or have some experience, or the very least be accompanied by a trainer. Safety gear is one of the most important things to consider when climbing, which includes clippers, rope specifically made up of inner kern and the mantle of woven fibers, webbing, and other things.

South Korea is a land which contains some of nature’s most wondrous sites, such as rivers, valleys, waterfalls, hills, mountains, beaches, islands, and many more. The mountains and hills of South Korea are especially known for their beauty and for rock climbing. Most of the mountains have a granite ground, and there are plenty of routes situating breathtaking views from different angles, suiting the likes of every climber. The highest peak in South Korea is located near Seoul on Mount Bukhan, known by the name of Baekwundae. It is quite crowded on weekends by tourists and climbers.

During the winter, ice climbing takes over rock climbing. Frozen waterfalls make Seoraksan National Park one of the major ice climbing sites in South Korea. The Towangsong waterfall is a particularly thrilling ice climbing experience, at over 300 meters tall. Bukhansan National Park is another major climbing location with many exquisite peaks, offering climbs from 15 meters to 250 meters.

The Korean Alpine Club is one of the major foundations in South Korea that promotes rock climbing activities. It also provides a platform of guidance to mountaineers and climbers. This organization is also a source of education about rock climbing through their Alpine School, which offers courses for levels ranging from beginner to expert. These courses help to improve climbing skills and bring it to a level of proficiency, where it could perhaps be approached as a career. The main office is located in Seoul, with many others found in different cities.

Rock climbing is a sport gradually gaining popularity with many South Koreans and internationally as well. All across South Korea many other regional climbing clubs are being formed, and competitions have begun appearing. Rock climbing can be a healthy and athletic sport worth enjoying and practicing.