Social Welfare for Disabled People

Social Welfare for Disabled People
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Social Welfare in South Korea is one of the major contributions towards a better, more united country. It is also the means of equality and support in matters of rights, opportunities and the livelihood of a person. It makes sure that every citizen plays the role of a responsible, caring citizen by supporting others, all through the little contributions they give as compulsory insurances.

The disabled foreigners who are residing in South Korea are given the same privileges as the local South Korea citizens. Further information about a person’s eligibility or to get support can be accessed through the local districts office also known as gu or dong in the Korean language. The application forms and People with Disabilities (PWD) cards are also available in the district’s office. A medical certificate from a government medical hospital is necessary to get registered for the PWD card from the local district’s office, which is the legalized way to receive disability benefits.

Benefits are allocated to a disabled person according to the age and income. Also, a disability grade is issued: 1, 2, or 3, which shows the level of benefits one would receive. The benefits allocation is also dependent on the type of disability which includes: physical, visual, auditory, linguistic, intellectual disabilities, kidney, heart, respiratory, liver, facial disabilities, ostomy and epilepsy.

Benefits are not only based on financial or medical needs, but  nationwide benefits are also given. The disabled person hag to be registered to gain free public transport, vocational training, personal care services, nursing care, education, and vouchers for rehabilitation treatment. Fees such as the parking fees and electricity bills are subsided. Also, the private sector is made to give out special discounts, vouchers, and discounts for plane tickets, internet, and mobile services.

These benefits make it easier to live life for any disabled person residing in South Korea as they are greatly supported by the government and given all possible help to make life as easy as possible. Not only does the government provide help, but other citizens and departments also greatly cooperate to make the hard work of the government even more possible.

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