South Korea seeks to use AI for military operations

South Korea seeks to use AI for military operations
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South Korea’s Defense Ministry said Monday that it plans to use artificial intelligence in military operations to assist battle commanders in making informed decisions during a combat.

The ministry is seeking to develop the AI-based system by 2025 to support commanders’ decision-making process. The envisioned system will be distributed to front-line units following extensive field tests.

Once it becomes operational, commanders will be able to rely on the intelligence provided by AI to come up with a battle plan, officials explained. Such intelligence will encompass the enemy’s troop level, unit locations, geographic data and climate information.

“It won’t be long for AI to assume the role of a chief operational aide,” a military official said under the condition of anonymity. “Military commanders will be able to get support in certain details that human staff may overlook.”

For instance, the AI-based system could have data about North Korea’s military forces, such as the number of troops, locations of units and possible infiltration routes.

South Korea’s military capabilities could also be stored in the AI system, helping the commander to better determine when and how to use firepower.

The envisioned system will accumulate data about North Korea’s rear-area higher commands as well, so that it can assess the level of support front-line units might receive during a war. It will also record geographical and meteorological data about the area where North Korea’s units are stationed, the officials added.


Yeo Jun-suk, The Korea Herald