South Korea’s auto giant unveils wearable robot

South Korea’s auto giant unveils wearable robot
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SEOUL — South Korea’s auto giant Hyundai Motor Group has unveiled a wearable robot that can be applied in many areas including military and production lines, group officials said Friday.

“This wearable robot that we are developing for commercial purposes will be used in diverse areas,” a group official was quoted by Yonhap. “Such a robot development is in line with Hyundai Motor Group’s vision for free mobility of people and things.”

The robot is like the suit seen in “Iron Man”, a Hollywood blockbuster movie, which one can wear by simply buckling into it.

The wearable robot under development is known to help the controller by enhancing overall physical strength, making it possible to lift an object weighing over 60 kilograms and assist him or her walk and go up stairs.

It can be used in assisting people with disabilities and the elderly to walk and engage in diverse activities, according the company.

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