South Korea’s Television Entertainment

South Korea’s Television Entertainment
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South Korea’s Television Entertainment

Television shows are an indispensable part of South Korea’s entertainment industry. Many excellent programs are broadcast through the Internet among countries in Europe, America and Asia.
Most programs in South Korea have 2-6 presenters and are given priority to funny games and competitions, and they always invite several idol stars or actors to attract audiences. There are four characteristics of South Korea’s entertainment industry:
1.Bring the privacy of participant’s into the open
2.Humanistic and natural performance
3.Variegated forms of programs
4. A combination of comedians and idol stars

Let’s take a look at the different categories of South Korea’s entertainment programs, the first of which is related to love and romantic feelings. The most representative one of this category is We Got Married, where stars and celebrities who haven’t met each other or who are not familiar with each other are set up on a blind date. This program records the details of “the new couple’s” daily life and draws people’s attention by its funny stories and lively spot. However, it’s said that the real reason why this program is so popular is that it shows people how stars spend their days and how stars would be like when they fell in love. It satisfies people’s curiosity.

The second category is related to competitions. The most well-known one is Love Letter. It consists of a host and several honored guests. The guests have to perform in several competitions, which are easy and safe, but bring out laughter in the audience and display the personal charm of the guests. If they succeed, they are admired by the females present, and they can finally hold one female star’s hand.

The third category is wilderness survival. These programs need people to live one or two weeks in the wild and train their outdoor living skills. The most famous program of this type is Two Days One Night.

The last category is different from the rest, and it only presents in one Korean entertainment program: Running Man. Running Man is a variety show which is aired by SBS, a famous South Korean TV channel. The show is broadcast on Sunday every week, and the translation can be watched on the Internet every Monday. In the program, the contestant members participate in a series of missions to become the winner(s) at the end of the race. Every week, there is a South Korean star that is invited to take part in the race. Many stars have participated in the program, for example, Jackie Chan, Kim Hee Seon, Girls‘ Generation, 2PM, F (x), Super Junior, and others. The contestants play various types of games in different places, such as museums, zoos, theme parks, and so on. The programs have been recorded in many different places, such as Beijing, Hong Kong, Macau, Thailand, Vietnam and more. The show provides a great form of entertainment and relaxation for the viewers, and it showcases the importance of team spirit.

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