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PyeongChang committee learns from Rio Olympics

By Park Jae-hyuk The PyeongChang Organizing Committee for the 2018 Olympic and Paralympic Games (POCOG) members said on Wednesday that they are acquiring Olympic knowhow and insights from the 2016

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Soldiers on world’s deadliest border practice ballet to relax

Soldiers in South Korea’s army don’t just learn how to move across the battlefield. They also learn how to move on the dance floor. After a long, tense day of

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This shopping mall in Seoul is made entirely of shipping containers

If you ever find yourself in the South Korean capital, check out this blue set of metal boxes that’s actually a huge shopping mall. Built in 2015, the Common Ground

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There’s an academy in South Korea that trains baristas in the art of latte-making

At the WarmingUp Academy in South Korea, milk is taken seriously. Students study the complex art of making coffee and drawing colorful images in latte foam — and we’re not

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Rusty ship transformed into pavilion in Seoul

South Korean studio Shinslab Architecture sliced off one end of a rusty old ship and turned it upside down to form this installation for the Seoul edition of MoMA’s Young

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South Korean competition rewards doing absolutely nothing

Wow, did we just stumble upon something that we could possibly effortlessly excel at? Vice reports an interesting annual competition held in Seoul, South Korea, that involves participants sitting down

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