The Seas of South Korea

The Seas of South Korea
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The Seas of South Korea

Geographically, the land of Korea is situated in such a manner that 3 of its sides are surrounded by ocean water. This explains the extensive and rich seafood culture and the remarkable natural beauty of beaches found in South Korea. Beaches, being a greater part of South Korea, are a must visit by all its tourists as they can enjoy themselves with a cool splash, swim, watch the sun rise or set, and enjoy water sports facilities. The best time to visit the beaches is during mid-summer when the temperature reaches up to 30 degree Celsius or more. It is when the beach is most crowded and there are many follow up beach activities which take place.

There are three sea coastlines all across the land of Korea; East Sea, West Sea and South Sea. Those coastlines are divided into many beaches that offer different topography.

East Sea
It is a leveled, straight coastline with pure white sands and clear waters. The beaches here cover quite a large area of land with sand and water. They are visited mostly by tourists to rest, relax, and enjoy the summer heat. They offer a very warm and welcoming sunrise view of which they are quite famous of. The sunrise is the defining moment of the East Sea’s beauty and is celebrated on most of its beaches with a sunrise festival also known as Haemaji. This festival is celebrated every year on New Year’s Day. Throughout the year a spectacular sunset view could also be enjoyed.

West Sea
West Sea is known for its convenient transportation as well as the fact that the beaches along this coast line can be accessed when one leaves the city of Seoul. This means that during regular weekends, the beaches on the West Sea are great for a bright day trip. The West Sea is also known for its magnificent marine life, like a blanket of sea shells covering in Daecheon Beach sand. Fishing is quite common there due to the availability of sea creatures like octopuses, which make the most unique and loved dish of the Korean cuisine. Beautiful sunsets are again a wondrous view to watch. Some of the beaches have small hills and green shores, enhancing the natural beauty and giving rise to many exotic creatures and wildlife.

South Sea
South Sea is home to exotic islands each having their own rare beauty endorsed in its own exciting atmosphere. It is where one will find endangered wildlife, migratory birds in some seasons, hills, mountains, waterfalls and much more. The beaches are the best getaway sites with the most fun activities like deep sea diving, bungee jumping, cliff diving and so on. The water is a different shade of blue in different beaches. It is where Jeju Island, one of the top tourists sites, is located. South Sea is nothing but a drifting color of nature and a pure essence of beauty.

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