The South Korean Flag

The South Korean Flag
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The flag which symbolizes South Korea in this world is also known as Taegukgi, which is another name for the national flag of the Republic of Korea. This flag is creatively designed, with different colors and shapes each holding its very own meaning and importance. The flag represents the language, culture, tradition and history of Korea.

The flag is distributed by three essential motifs, to specify the true meaning of their nation collectively. These consist of a white background, Taegeuk or Taiji-yin (which is a red and blue circle perfected with a yang symbol in the middle), and the four trigrams (of the original eight signs of cosmology) at the corners of the flag. All of these are dependent on the fundamental principles of existence, reality, life and the four elements: earth, water, air and fire.

White, being a traditional Korean color, elaborates the meaning of salience, honesty, chastity and harmony in all aspects of life. This means that everything in life and universe had evolved under the message of truthfulness with everything in harmony with another. The central circle is based on the ideology of yin-yang, representing the idea that contrary forces are interdependent and interlinked, giving rise to one another. Here the color blue is used to portray the negative cosmic forces while the red color represents the positive cosmic forces. The trigrams are the basic virtues based on harmony and the revolutionary movement in all paths of life specifying the four elements. Each of the four trigrams has interlinked elaboration in the four seasons, the four compass directions, the four virtues, the four elements. The virtues are ‘geon’, meaning justice, ‘ri’, meaning fruition, ‘gam’, meaning wisdom, and ‘gon’, meaning vitality.

The current South Korean flag was adopted and recognized as official by the government on October 15th 1949. The colors on the flag were given a meaning in October 1997, and are also discussed on the ‘Ordinance Act of Law concerning the National Flag of the Republic of Korea.’