Will The IOC Respect Host Countries Laws?

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It has been a busy time in the IOC and around the world, and once again, the Olympic Committee has shown that it is as much a sports organization as it is political.

The recent controversy that is over-taking the Sochi Olympics in 2014 is the law regarding homosexual propaganda to minors that recently was enacted in Russia.  And the constant flood of Western media is calling for certain boycotts or inflammatory action on behalf of US and other athletes during the games to protest this law.

Even though this is not the first time athletes and countries have tried to use the Olympics to gain political points on their rivals on the world stage, it is a trend which is alarming.  Simply because the IOC is an international organization that does not belong to one single body of thought or law.  And when the IOC is asked to take action because a few countries dislike certain laws in a host country, they are attempting to impact the national sovereignty and independence of that nation to rule itself.  At the end of the day, countries that take part in the Olympics must have respect for the host country and its laws, irrespective of personal opinions, and any call to somehow sabotage or disgrace the host athletes or countries should be categorically prohibited.

Do we really want the Olympics to be seen as another imperialistic tool of the west?  Can we just enjoy the games for what they are, the most brilliant and beautiful display of competition and sportsmanship?

With that said, we too ask the IOC to respect the laws and people of Russia during the Sochi Olympics and to do their best to discourage those who wish to make a spectacle of their personal beliefs and blemish the amazing games.

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