College Entrance Exam in South Korea

College Entrance Exam in South Korea
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At this time, 650,000 students in Korea are experiencing one of the most important periods in their lives—preparing for the college entrance examination. This period is not only special for Korean Senior students, but also means a lot for other classes of Korea.

It is said that if you sleep for four hours every day, you will never be admitted into a university. On the average, Korean senior students only sleep for three to four hours every day, as they are constantly studying. Seoul University, Yonsei University and South Korea University are the most popular universities in Korea, the capital letters for them are S, K and Y, so Koreans usually use SKY to represent them. To chasing after the opportunity for being a student of the three universities, Korean senior students have to study nearly 15 hours a day and bear a lot of pressure.

The college entrance examination includes 5 parts: Math, Korean, English, professional quality and the second language. Students can choose one from Chinese, Japanese, German, Spanish and Russian to be their second language.

On the exam day, senior students are the focus of attention of the society. In the morning, more buses and subways will be arranged to ensure the punctual arrival of students, and traditional city office hours will be be changed to avoid traffic conflicts.

Six subjects will be finished in one day, and the students are not allowed to get out of school before the last test ends. Parents and siblings will be waiting for them on the playground, and they usually prepare snacks and lunch for the students. Friends and relatives of Korean senior students often give them chocolates and rice cakes to wish them a lucky day.

Some parents will go to the temple to pray for and bless their kids, while some buy glyphs or good luck charms. One parent from Taegu, Korea, said that there was a Taoist in Taegu whose prayers are especially effective. She paid several thousand Korean won for his assistance, in addition to the one hundred thousand won to buy a special good luck charm for her son’s college entrance examination.