North Korea Execution of Christians

North Korea Execution of Christians
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Kim Jong-Un, the leader of the North Korea, has very strict laws and punishments for North Koreans who get into contact with any South Koreans. This rivalry between the two states was caused after the war and since then has been the cause of great conflict and tension.

He has given punishment orders to put 33 North Koreans to death, as reported by the South Korean media. Those people were found involved and in contact with Christian missionaries. This is not an isolated incident, as such executions are commonplace in North Korea. In 2013 there were reported to be public mass executions in North Korea, where anyone earning the ruler’s dislike is brought down to their knees and executed.

This event had recently increased disturbances between the South Korea and North Korea, creating more conflicts. The leader of North Korea holds hatred for the Christians for increased influence amongst the people and due to the rescue operations that were held by the South Korean churches for escapees from North Korea to China. This had in turn made his punishments be more severe for escapees or anyone found involved with the South Korea in any way.

These strong measures are very oppressive for time being, but as time goes by, we hope things will become better